The purpose of Triple P Fund is…

This is what we call our Triple Bottom Line, and it is central in our actions to actively encourage, influence, and facilitate change in paradigms.

Shifting Paradigms

We’ve identified certain paradigms in our society that we believe need some dynamic change. We strive to use our work to make a positive contribution to that change.

The paradigms that our work will focus on include:

  • How we focus on industry, food, and agriculture. 
  • Corporate citizens being a powerful force for good instead of profit through force. 
  • Consumer citizens’ empowerment to vote with dollars for worthy corporate candidates in our economy. 
  • Unity. With government influence less necessary and political manipulation becoming irrelevant, a divided people can connect.

How Do We Do It?

To accomplish all of this, we catalyze and sponsor investment opportunities created with purpose, on purpose. Investments must be wise and financially sound, but we are passionate that they can also improve lives and be a force for good towards the conservation of the planet. Profit is at the center of all our activity and will never be neglected; however, our most prized achievements are stories of genuine connections fostered through our efforts.  

We are one of the earliest pioneers in the US building with industrial hemp. Our investor platform enables participation in bringing hemp innovations to mainstream use. Our primary investments are in real estate, including management, construction, agriculture, and development. Our passion for real estate is based on the sound financial history of the asset class combined with its connection to all mankind and nature. 

We celebrate your stories, journeys, and connections made with others, with nature, and within, and we invite anyone to share, contribute, and join our efforts.

We look forward to prospering with purpose, fostering genuine connections, and empowering others to do the same and pursue their triple bottom line.

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